Student age internet Why did papa John’s papa go to the hospital for a visit

Why did papa John’s papa go to the hospital for a visit

In this episode, we talk to papa’s father, John, about his son’s visit to the Mayo Clinic.

“He didn’t know what to do,” he says.

“I had to explain to him, ‘Why don’t you go to your GP and see what’s going on?’

He just couldn’t understand what I was saying.

It was pretty scary.”

John says that when he and his wife were in England last month, they had a meeting with a GP about a broken toe, but the GP was unaware that they were travelling to the US.

“The GP said, ‘You’ll have to come back to the States, you’ll have surgery’.

So I said, I don’t want to go.

I’m here to raise money for the Mayo Foundation,” he recalls.”

So I went to the GP and said, this is my daughter, my little papa, I want to see her.

She had a foot fracture and I said I’m going to come to see my daughter.”

And I’m walking past the door and they had my daughter’s foot, so I just went right in there and the doctor took her into surgery.

“Papa John’s father says he had to spend a lot of time talking to his son, to reassure him that the injuries were not serious.”

This is not happening.'””

It was like I saw a ghost, like you see in movies where the doctor’s doing the surgery and you see it happening and then you look up and you’re like, ‘No, this isn’t happening.

This is not happening.'”

Papa Johns parents John and Mary, who have lived in England for 40 years, have now travelled to Mayo to see their daughter.

John says he was given a lot to think about.

“He was a young child and he’s been through a lot,” he adds.

“As soon as I saw her in surgery I was just like, you know what?

I’m just going to see how she feels.”

For Papadilla John, it was the opportunity to visit his daughter in person that had been a dream of his for decades.

“It’s something that we’ve been dreaming of for 40-odd years and we’re finally getting to see it,” Papadillas father says.

“We’re going to take her home, we’re going and she’s going to be OK.”

Listen to Papadila John and his Papadills dad discuss the Papadillas recent fundraising campaign and his favourite TV show, The Good Wife.

Papa john’s family say that while his daughter’s injury is not life threatening, it is “extremely serious”.

“I’m really happy she’s getting her foot fixed,” Papa John says.

In the meantime, the Papads are preparing for their next trip to the USA.

This week, the papads plan to visit Las Vegas, Arizona and San Diego, California.

With no word from his daughter on her recovery, the family has been left to wonder if the US will ever see papa jones again.

“She’ll be back in the UK, but that’s all I know,” Papacilla John says with a smile.