Student age Ad Alert How to make a new crop of toilet paper flowers from your old scraps

How to make a new crop of toilet paper flowers from your old scraps

We all know that toilet paper is a tough product to work with.

It’s not the most durable material, and if you’re using paper to make toilet paper, you may not be able to cut through the flimsy stuff, leaving behind a stringy mess.

The result is a bunch of paper flowers that look and smell a little like garbage, and which, when dried, are even more fragile.

That’s where the paper cutter comes in.

A paper cutter is essentially a circular object with a sharp blade, and you can buy them online or on-the-spot, depending on your preference.

The first step is to cut a bunch into little pieces.

Once you have a few, put the piece of paper between two layers of paper towels, and then cut a hole in the middle of that paper towel.

That hole is where you want to cut out the flower stem.

Cut the stem, then put the pieces back together.

Once the paper flower is cut out, use your scissors to remove the stem and place it into the paper bag, which is the receptacle for the remaining paper.

Now that you’ve got the flower, it’s time to put it in a container.

This step may seem unnecessary, but it can make a huge difference.

For example, the stem will be covered by the paper, but the flower will not.

This allows you to use the stem as a container for more flower and make a bigger bowl of toilet papers.

If you’re working in a pinch, you can use a paper bag instead, but if you don’t have a disposable container, a paper cutter can be a very convenient alternative.

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