Student age internet When Papa John’s makes you buy a new stick of paper

When Papa John’s makes you buy a new stick of paper

Paperclip, one of the world’s most popular brands of paperclips, has come under fire after it announced plans to offer a “stick of paper” in its pizzas, a move that some customers have described as a joke.

The company, which makes the popular pizza paperclip, said it would be introducing a “special edition” of its iconic pizza-shaped paperclip in the United States this week.

Papa John’s did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The paperclip has become an icon for the pizza industry, with pizzas ranging from the iconic, $12.99 Papa John to smaller, $4.99 versions.

But some customers said the company’s plan was racist and misogynistic, and they are calling on Papa Johns to withdraw the offer.

Pizza delivery service Postmates said it had stopped selling paperclip pizza boxes in its U.S. locations, as well.

“Papa Johns Pizza Delivery will no longer sell the Papa John paper clip pizza boxes due to their racist and discriminatory comments,” the company said in a statement.

A company spokesperson did not respond to questions from Business Insider about the company-sponsored promotional campaign.

“In the face of the continued offensive remarks made by Papa John and others about the black community, we have discontinued all sales of Papa John Paperclips,” the spokesperson said.

“The decision was made by the Papa Johns Pizza delivery team and was not based on a customer survey or any other form of customer feedback.”

Papa Joe’s also said it is removing the Papa Paperclip from its U, UK and Australian stores.

The pizzas were part of a campaign sponsored by Papa Joe’s, which launched in 2015 and is aimed at appealing to millennials.