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When toilet paper rolls out of a can: How toilet paper got its name

Paper rolled out of toilet paper has long been a staple of everyday life in China, with millions of households using it to wash their hands, to wipe the floor and even for paper towels to be handed out to people on the street.

Now, however, a Chinese newspaper has revealed that paper rolls in a can will soon become the norm, with the introduction of the “paper soft” technology.

In a new issue of the People’s Daily, a government-run newspaper, the paper reported that in two years, China will roll out a paper roll-in system that will allow paper rolls to be rolled out and distributed by people of all ages and abilities.

The newspaper said that paper roll rolling out will be done using a method called “paper squish”, a system in which a paper is rolled onto a surface, and then squeezed to make it easier to roll.

“Paper soft” is the name given to the paper that is squished onto a roll, and it will allow the roll to be pressed into a roll with a single roll, rather than having to move the roll around in a container or bag, as it was previously the case, according to the report.

Paper soft is expected to be introduced nationwide in 2019, and the paper roll can be used to roll out paper items such as paper towels and even toilet paper.

The paper soft system was rolled out by the Chinese government as part of the country’s efforts to reduce waste and make the country more environmentally friendly.

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