Student age Upcoming Events When we need a break from the headlines, we can rest at the foot of the mountain

When we need a break from the headlines, we can rest at the foot of the mountain

It’s a day off for Marisa Papen and her family, as they head back to the family farm in the central Australian state of Victoria for a weekend of picnicking, camping and reading.

“The next day is going to be the last day,” she said.

“I’ll be working all weekend, but we’ll be home in the afternoon.”

But the weather’s not exactly great for the family, with the wind chill in the low 20s, which is far below the freezing temperatures in the north.

The Papes have been away for the past four days after they were forced to evacuate their home because of the storm.

“It was a long time ago, and it was very, very cold,” she explained.

“We thought we’d be back home at 4pm but the wind was so bad it was a bit of a nightmare.”

But with the weather, she said the family has been able to spend more time with their children.

“They’re playing with their dogs, they’re going to a family holiday weekend, and we’re going out for dinner,” she laughed.

“A great time, and so much fun.”

But while the weather is proving to be an asset for the Papes, the road ahead is more challenging.

While Marisa and her husband have been able with the assistance of the local fire brigade, it is also getting harder for the couple to find a way back to their home.

“With the winds, we’ve got to be very careful and we’ve only been able [to] get through the first two or three kilometres,” she added.

“As the wind gets stronger and stronger, we’re trying to get through.”

So the next few days we’ll just have to get used to being on the road more.

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